Switchblades since 1947

A.G.A. Campolin


Angelo Campolin Sr. worked on perfecting his knife making skills before WWII and at this time made his first switchblades. After the war, in 1947 he started his company and made 30 stilettos with the marking “Angelo Campolin”.
Though quite a long ride, he rode his bicycle to Venice to sell them...


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AGA Campolin picklock
AGA Campolin picklock
By AGA Team | September 15 2016
Picklock 25 cm - 10" finally available!
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Swinguard switchblade
"The Rake" talks about us
By AGA Team | June 22 2016
...the more the world modernises, the more there seems to be a desire to return to tradition, to get back to what is real, authentic and made by human hands...
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Lepre 2016 switchblade
Lepre 2016
By AGA Team | May 13 2016
This year Lepre & AGA Campolin present a larger knife with the same mechanism of the 2015 model...
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