Made in italy

Maniago - city of knives

artisan knives tradition

“Made in Italy” has always
inspired and evoked beauty, creativity and class.

There is an almost unhealthily close connection between the result of the artistic Italian knowhow
and its territory… the land, the people that live on it and their traditions are the greatest muse for the creators of the "BelPaese".
And A.G.A. Campolin makes no exception: every creation reflects our physical and spiritual contact with the origins of our family and our land, instilling all our products with history and emotion.
Maniago and its people, with its important distinguishing artisan knives tradition, its workmanship and values, have always been our first source of inspiration for the creative process, than become a new knife.

Few images of our town: Conte attimis emblem, the castle, the old blacksmith place,
knifemaker at work, museum of cutlery history "Coricama", Emanuele Bertossi's sculpture " Homo Faber" in the square, Maniago city.

Maniago city