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classic stiletto
The "Classic line"
A.G.A. Team | August 01 2017
For the 70th we present a new line of Picklocks called "The Classic line", a new standard for the traditional stilettos.
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sahara switchblade
70th anniversary L.E. SAHARA lockback
A.G.A. Team | June 13 2017
Sahara is fabricated on June 2017 for the 70th anniversary of the company.
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zero switchblade
"Zero" NEW 2017 switchblade
A.G.A. Team | March 23 2017
With zero compromise in design and quality, “Zero” is sure to set a new standard in automatic knives.
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diana damascus switchblade
"Diana - New Damascus blade"
A.G.A. Team | December 20 2016
Russian damascus handmade by a blacksmith from Zlatoust. Very hard damascus reached 59 HRC of hardness.
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flatguard picklock
"Flatguard Picklock"
A.G.A. Team | December 12 2016
Flatguard Picklock is an italian stiletto exactly made like the knives from 40's-50's.
Made in limited quantity of 150 pieces on 2016...
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knife bag
"Knife bag"
A.G.A. Team | December 1 2016
Leather bags to carry 7 or 14 knives.
The roll is customized...
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A.G.A. Team | September 15 2016
A.G.A. Campolin Picklock 25 cm - 10"
finally available!
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The Rake magazine
"The Rake" magazine
A.G.A. Team | June 22 2016
The luxury magazine “The Rake” talks about us
in the last issue.
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Lepre 2016
Lepre 2016
A.G.A. Team | May 13 2016
This year Lepre & AGA Campolin present a larger knife with the same mechanism of the 2015 model...
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AGA Campolin short film
AGA Campolin short film
A.G.A. Team | March 18 2016
Enjoy the commercial made by 2 special collectors.
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AGA Campolin Swinguard automatic knife
Swinguards - 34 different options
A.G.A. Team | March 5 2016
The AGA Campolin 13" swinguards are awesome solid handmade knives. They are an exceptional sample of italian craftmanship.
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AGA Campolin Sicilian switchblade
Sicilian 23 cm - 9" NOW available!
A.G.A. Team | January 9 2016
This A.G.A. Campolin Sicilian knife has a stainless steel bayonet blade with a polished finish. Very nice shape that remind the old fighting sicilian knives.
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AGA Campolin Maltese switchblade engraved
Maltese engraved bolsters
A.G.A. Team | January 18 2016
Maltese engraved by the hands of a master engraver, Hannes Graviz (www.glatz-gravuren.at). This give a touch of class to this beautiful knife.
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AGA Campolin Diana hunting knife
A.G.A. Team | december 8 2015
New creation: The lever lock “Diana”. It has the shape of a slim Catalana and the german leverlock mechanism.
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AGA Campolin knives selection
The video of our knives selection
A.G.A. Team | november 24 2015
Here you can see a video regarding our knives selection
with different mechanism.
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AGA Campolin Showroom in Villach
Our showroom in Villach
A.G.A. Team | november 13 2015
Our show room is in lederergasse 12, one of the oldest street in Villach. You can find the complete AGA Campolin selection of knives
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AGA Campolin new website
New website
A.G.A. Team | november 13 2015
We are glad and proud to present our new website. Our intention is offer a new service, uploading pics and give you information regarding our company on the news section.
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